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    Thermal Dynamics auto-cut XT systems plasma machine power

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  • Auto-Cut 200 XT & 300 XT systems deliver premium cut performance on both mild steeland non-ferrous metals. These power supplies are designed for reliable, low cost operation.Features like the XT™ 301 consumable parts cartridge and the Machine Status MessageCenter make these models easy to operate.

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Water Mist Secondary (WMS) optimizes non-ferrous metalcutting (optional for Auto-Cut 200 XT)

WMS Benefits

• Excellent non-ferrous metal cut quality using N 2 as plasmagas and ordinary tap water as the secondary.

• Lowest operating cost.

• Dross-free cutting from gauge (1.0 mm) to 3/4" (20 mm).

• Oxide-free cut face surface.

• Wide parameter window.

• Easy-to-use.

• High cut speeds compared to H35 cutting.

• Standard with AC 300 XT, Optional with AC 200 XT.

The Flexibility to Cut Thick or Thin on All Kinds Of Metals

XT-301 consumable parts are available for cutting metals from gauge (1.0 mm) to a 1" (25 mm) plate [1¼" (35mm) for Auto-Cut 300 XT]. Auto-Cut XT systems with the XT-301 torch, are normally operated using economicalair plasma and air shield gas for cutting mild steel  and mostnon-ferrous metals. This results in high quality surface  finishesand low dross cuts.

For even better cut quality on mild steel, Auto-Cut XT models offersO 2 plasma cutting capability. For lowest cost non-ferrous metalcutting  and unmatched cut quality, use our unique Water MistSecondary  (WMS ® ) process with nitrogen plasma and water shield.

If heavy non-ferrous metal cutting is required, switch to Ar-H 2 (H35)and Nitrogen shield for premium non-ferrous metal performanceup to 1" (25 mm).


Cut fast with Air-Air

Thermal Dynamics’ patented XT Torch ConsumableTechnology is ideal for cutting from gauge (1.0 mm)to 1" (25 mm) [1¼" (35 mm) for Auto-Cut 300 XT].Excellent quality cuts will be achieved on bothferrous and non-ferrous metals at higher speeds.

• Small heat affected zone and smooth cuttingedge surface.

• Narrow kerf for tighter angles and radiusesat high speeds.

• Wide low dross parameter windows

• Higher arc density for faster speeds withoutsacrificing cut quality.

• Faster cuts with Air/Air on Stainless Steel

Auto-Cut XT systems offer maximum productivity with reliability and ease


• High cut speed to produce more parts per hour.

• With Water Mist Secondary (WMS) the cut speed can beup to 3 times faster than with similar cutting systems.

• Highest kW output in its class.

• Outstanding parts life.

• Reduced downtime during parts changes due to theSpeedLok cartridge design of the XT ™ 301-Torch.


• Exhaustive lab testing and field trials ensure on-goingperformance and reliability.


• Microprocessor controlled to produce the best cut quality.

• Precision torch design offers the best cut quality in its class.

• Higher cut speed than H35 with the use of N 2 /H 2 0on non-ferrous metals.

Ease of Use

• Fast and easy installation.

• Simple set-up and user-friendly gas console.

• SpeedLok ™ quick-change consumable design.

• Easy to identify and troubleshoot problems.

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