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    The next generation of high precision plasma cutting thermal dynamics ultra-cut XT integrated systems

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  • Ultra-Cut XT systems give you theflexibility to increase cutting power and the assurance of superiorquality, higher  productivity and lower cutting costs. Ultra-Cut XTsystems are  available in 100-400 Amp outputs for cutting plateup to 2" (50 mm) thick. And because its Modular Power Technologyallows adding 100 Amp modules, the system grows with your business.

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Water Mist Secondary (WMS)optimizes non-ferrous metal cutting

• Excellent non-ferrous metal cut quality using N 2 asplasma gas and ordinary tap water as the secondary.

• Lowest operating cost.

• Dross-free cutting from gauge (1.0 mm) to 1 1/2" (40 mm).

• Oxide-free cut face surface.

• Wide parameter window.

• Higher cut speeds compared to H35 cutting.

HeavyCut™ TechnologyWhen cutting parts thicker than 3/4" (20 mm),

rely onHeavyCut Technology to provide the best cut quality, precision

and parts life with XTremeLife™ Consumables. Heavy-Cut 300Aand 400A

electrodeswith multiple Hafniuminserts increase partslife at high current


“Bolt Ready” Holes with Diameter PRO™Diameter PRO produces the industry’s most preciseholes optimized

for a diameter-to-thickness ratio of1:1 or greater.It is the ideal process for a precision hole or radius with

minimal-to-no taper on mild steel from 10 gauge (3 mm)to 2" (50 mm), or 1" (25 mm) on aluminum.

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