• HyPerformance HPR800XD turn hole cutting machine plasma
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    HyPerformance HPR800XD turn hole cutting machine plasma

  • Product Description
  • Designed and built for maximum performance and productivity in mechanized cutting operations, the versatile HyPerformance HPR800XD plasma system delivers the ultimate in HyPerformance mild steel cutting, and offers unmatched process flexibility to cut, bevel and mark metals up to 6-1/4" (160 mm) thick.

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Superior cut quality and consistency

  • HyPerformance plasma cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency
  • HyDefinition® technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc for more powerful precision cutting up to 6-1/4" (160 mm)
  • New HDi™ technology delivers HyDefinition cut quality on thin stainless steel, with extremely sharp top edge quality, shiny surface finish, and superior angularity with reduced angle variation
  • Patented True Hole™ technology (auto gas systems only) produces hole quality that is significantly better than anything previously achievable with plasma

Minimized operating cost

  • LongLife® technology significantly increases consumable life and enables consistent HyDefinition cut quality
  • Faster cut speeds let you produce more parts per hour; higher quality cutting virtually eliminates the cost of secondary operations
  • Patented PowerPierce® technology lets you pierce  thicker than ever before and replace slower-cutting oxyfuel technology

“Do anything” versatility

  • Cuts, bevels, and marks carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals with HyDefinition precision
  • Modular system design allows easy power supply upgrades to increase system capabilities when requirements change

Industry-leading reliability

  • Robust, simple system architecture with 50% fewer parts than most competitive systems
  • Best-in-class manufacturing and extensive testing ensure that every Hypertherm system meets the highest quality standards
Mild steel cut capacity Dross free
Production pierce
Maximum cutting capacity
38 mm (1-1/2")
50 mm (2")
80 mm (3.2")
Stainless steel cut capacity Production pierce
Maximum pierce** 
75 mm (3")
100 mm (4")
160 mm (6-1/4")
Aluminum cut capacity Production pierce 
75 mm (3")
160 mm (6-1/4")
(Mild steel)
Book specification at highest output current
12 mm (1/2")
4430 mm/m
(170 ipm)
Cut angle ISO 9013 range*
Weldability   Ready to weld
Process gases
by material
Mild steel

Stainless steel


02/Air, 02/02

H35/N2, N2/N2, H35-N2/N2, F5/N2
Ar/Air, Ar//N2

H35/N2, Air/Air, H35-N2/N2
Ar/Air, Ar//N2

Process amps
Not all processes available
for all materials

* ISO 9013 is a standard that defines cut quality of thermally cut parts. The lower the range (range 1 is the lowest), the smaller the angle on the cut face. Cut angle in range 4 is better than in range 5.
** Maximum pierce requires use of an autogas console and controlled motion process. See technical documentation for details.

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