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    HNC-2500W Economical Light Gantry CNC Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Plate Cutting Machine

  • Product Description
  • Light Gantry CNC cutting machine. Applicable to all kinds of thick sheet metal precision machining industry, such as: sheet metal processing, steel, shipyards, mechanical processing and other large enterprises.

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 Main Features:

1 Heavy duty precision fabricated & machined design = Tough workhorse and high stability
2 Multiple plasma/flame cutting torches = Maximum productivity
3 Sizes available to suit any application = Flexible
4 Digital torch height control = Best cut quality
5 Torch collision protection = Longer torch life

CNC controller System :

1).10.4 inch LCD display

2).Metal operation key 

3).USB port support, figures display

4).Indicator lights showing working condition

5).Operation menu displayed instantly on monitor

6).Batched production

7).Easy figures programmed directly

8).Don't be interfered by the electro magnetic wave, etc

9).Pause, forward, backward, 

and movement while machine working


 Torch carrier and torch : 

 Torch carrier assembly including:     


 Lifting device

 Torch, holder

 Gas valve

 Flashback arrester


Step motors / amps realizing rapid /

high-precision response are used in semiconductor

manufacturing sites and robots.

Our wide-ranging lineup supporting a wide variety of controls

and communication methods allows you to select the motor

just right for your needs. 

Track Distance(mm) 4000


Effective cutting Width(mm) 2500


Track Length(mm) Set as per customer's requirement
Effective Cutting Length(mm) Track Length -2000mm
Cutting mode Flame and Plasma
Driving motor Serve Motor
Cutting thickness Flame:6-300mm  Plasma: Depend on Plasma power
Cutting speed Flame:50-750mm/min   Plasma: 50-5500mm/min
Free Running speed 0-9000mm/min



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