• Model Name:

    HNC-4000H Economical CNC Plasma & Oxy-Fuel Plate Cutting Machine

  • Product Description
  •  Its main characteristics is that this model uses bilateral drive mode so that the machine can operate smoothly, have high locating accuracy and simple & good appearance.

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Main features:
  • ・Light weight aluminum construction
  • ・Compact
  • ・Quick delivery
  • ・3 backlash levels available
  • ・Applicable with all servomotors by the use of adapters
  • ・No need to replace the grease for the life of the product. Installable at any angle without leakage concern
Linear guide In Horizontal direction                               24KG Heavy Rail in longitudinal Direction

Plasma Anti-Collision Device                                        Lifer for plasma torch

Oxy-fuel cutting torch     Plasma cutting torch with anti-collision      The optional back strip cutting torch

The different plasma power source we can choose

Index Item


Effective cutting width


Effective cutting length


Flame cutting thickness

6-150mm (Flame cutting)

Flame cutting speed


Plasma piercing cutting thickness


Plasma max edge start cutting thickness


Cutting torch lifting distance


Working Speed


Maximum idle running speed


Setting speed error


Torch height controller accuracy


Longitudinal line accuracy



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