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    HNC-4000 True Hole HD high definition precision CNC plasma cutting machine

  • Product Description
  • Appearance is concise and easy, with a standard scale, high speed, high precision, multi-function CNC cutting machine.Use one-piece modular structure, make according to the quick, convenient, can add with smoking workbench, in order to achieve environmental protection requirement, the regime more linear cutting with total rise always fall at the same time, greatly improve production efficiency.

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Main Features:

1. High precision cut surface gloss.

 2. Blanking cutting speed is fast.This saves manual.

3 .It is a piece of plate automatic programming. Effective use of. Improve efficiency .My company girder plate welding is adopted. Then fine high-frequency 600 degrees thermostatic hardening and natural cooling. For eliminating stress. Processing. For a long time to ensure cutting accuracy and cutting stability.

4 .High oxygen flame by the preheating technique. Through high pressure oxygen small air preheating plank, instant automatically converted into hyperbaric oxygen cutting without manual adjusting preheating of oxygen and cutting oxygen conversion.


cnc controller                                                                ture hole HTC


Based on all the parts from hypertherm. This true hole technology make a perfect performance for cutting a small hole.


The FastCAM nesting software make your work more professional

FastCAM® CAD CNC Software Series for Plate Shape Cutting with integrated 2D drawing, tool pathing, true shape

nesting, code verification & NC generation, offering a complete low-cost solution to profile cutting.The FastCAM®

System has been designed to draw, nest and cut metal as simply and efficiently as possible. Ease of use is as

important as the high levels of materials utilization and optimization the software provides.

The different plasma power source we can choose





Basic data

Descriptions Specification

Track Width (mm) 4000
Rail length (mm) 12000
Effective Cutting Area(mm) 3000x10000
Drive Y axis  Panasonic AC servo motor *2set
  X axis  Panasonic AC servo motor *1set
Max traveling speed(mm/min) 12000

Flame Cutting Torch Number 1Set
Flame Cutting Thickness(mm) 6-150
Flame Torch Height Sensor Capacitance Auto torch Height sensor* 1set
Flame Cutting Speed(mm/min) 50-800

Controller                 Micro edge pro

Nest  Software




Positioning Accuracy ±0.5mm/10000mm
Repeatability ≤±0.1mm
Speed setting error ≤±5%
THC accuracy ≤±0.5mm
Length of a side Error(mm) ±0.5mm
Base Point Return Error ±0.4mm
Intersection point Error ±0.5mm
Lineation forward-reverse Error


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