• Model Name:

    HK-12MAX-II double torch straight line gas cutting machine

  • Product Description
  • The main body is made of high strength by die-casting.It is light weight and compact structure to ensure the machine becomes ideal portable machine.Speed system adopts mechanical adjustment which can keeps running continuously under high temperature.Advanced motor with fan for coolling.

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The main features:

1. High strength aluminum body by die-casting.

2.Light and compact in structure, as ideal portable machine.

3.Speed system adopts mechanical adjustment which can keeps running continuously under high temperature.

4.Advanced motor with fan for cooling.

5.Circular rail can be equipped as required for circular piece cutting (optional).

5.Groove range: I.Y.V(45°).

6. 2* 1.8m Concave rail in double toches.

The control panel of HK-12MAX-II

The cutting torch and spare parts of HK-12MAX-II

Details Specification

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