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    HK-30G Pneumatic stainless steel cutting machine

  • Product Description
  • This cutting machine adopts the indispensable cutting oxygen to drive the car, achieves walk function automatically and doesn’t need any other external power source.

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1. Gas hose (A total of three).

2. Big hand wheel:  to adjust cutting torch’s movement (towards the left or right).

3. Little hand wheel:  to adjust cutting torch’s movement (upward or downward).

4. Clutch handle: could be self-latching away from the reducer, so it is convenient for the carriage’s fast moving.

5. Heat insulation board: to impede heat diffusion towards the machine interior.

6. Universal wheel  

7. Straight track (concave type 1800 mm).

8. Preheat oxygen valve: to adjust the flow of preheating oxygen.

9. Fuel gas valve: to adjust the flow of fuel gas.

10. Cutting oxygen valve: to adjust the flow of cutting oxygen.

11. Gas inlet connector: a total of two; left-hand thread connector is to be connected to the fuel gas supply; right-hand thread connector is to be connected to the oxygen supply.

12. Speed regulating hand wheel: calibration range of the hand wheel is "0 to 10", corresponding machine speed adjustment is between 0 and 1000 mm.


1. Weight

7.5 Kg

2. Machine dimension


3. Speed control

mechanical speed regulation

4. compressed air pressure

0.55 Mpa(Kg/cm2)

5. Cutting speed

100~1000 mm/min

6. Cutting thickness

6~60 mm/min

7. Groove angle

0-45 Groove angle

8. Diameteral of cutting circle


9. Tip


Contents of package

1. Body

1 set

2. Torch

1 set

3. Tip

3 pcs (acetylene)

4. spanner

1 set

5. up and down moving seat

1 set

6. left and right moving seat (including large sidesway rack)

1 set

7. radius gauge (set screw)

1 pc

8. Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

9. Gas-in connector


10. Ball-pane screw M4

2 pcs

Standard accessory

1. Cutting circle unit assemblage

1 pc

2. concave guide rail

1 pc


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