• HK-66 Tow Cutter Flame Torch Cutting Holder
  • Model Name:

    HK-66 Tow Cutter Flame Torch Cutting Holder

  • Product Description
  • “HK-66” is developed to bring about automatic cutting and portable cutting. This machine is walking assist machine of hand-cut. It can match with G02-100 equal pressure torch. Mostly, it is used to do line cutting. By adjusting the torch mount, it also can do V groove cutting.The body of machine is made of high-quality brass.

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It is durable, compacted, portable and flexible. It can do cutting in various occasions. The deceleration system is made up of precise gear box. This machine adapts two wheels to make sure the walking is steady and the cutting is vertical.


 1. Weight

:4 kilograms

 2. Machine dimension

:220 mm×200 mm×120 mm

 3. Driving mode

:Gear driving

Contents of package

1. Standard 

1. Body

1 set

2.Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each


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