• Model Name:

    CG1-30K Straight high speed plasma cutting machine cutter

  • Product Description
  • The main body is made of high strength alloy aluminum by die-casting.Can be fixed plasma torch for stainless steel.

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The Main Features:

1.The main body is made of high strength alloy aluminum by die-casting.

2.Can be fixed plasma torch for stainless steel

3.The speed system is adjusted by feeler of controlling silicon unit,easy operating.

4.Attached plasma are cable joint,control on plasma arc;3-4 times of normal carriage in speed to meet thin plate cutting.

5.Mainly for straight cutting,also for circle cutting(>200mm)

6.Suitable for ship building,oil,chemical,and metal structure factory,etch

Note:this machine has no torch assembly,need order as per definite reuqirement.

The CG1-30K All spare parts 

The panel of CG1-30K

The wheel and rail of CG1-30K

Machine Specifications


12.5 kilograms

2. Machine dimension

435 mm×210 mm×240 mm

3. Speed control

silicon control

4. Power source

AC 220V±10%    50HZ

5. Cutting speed


6. Cutting thickness

Option as per cutting required

7.Groove angle

0-45 degrees

8.Diameteral of cutting circle



DC 110V  50HZ  30W   4200r/min

Contents of package

1. Body

1 set

2.Torch unit assemblage


3. Moving unit assemblage

1set(including left-right, up-down moving unit assemblage and gear rack)

4. Tip (acetylene)

1#  2#  3 #,  2 pc each

5.Power wire


6.Specification sheets and certificate of qualification

1 pc each

7.Gas-in connector /pressure cat


8.Ball-pane screw M4


Standard accessory

1.Cutting circle unit assemblage


2.convex guide rail

2pcs(1.8m/pc)or grooved guide rail 1pc(1.8m)

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